Special Events

     SPECIAL EVENTS for adults are custom designed using play, dance, creative movement, theater, music, art and poetry. For conferences, weekend retreats, ongoing classes, as ice-breakers for your own event, celebration or party. See Whole Being Weekend

Whole Being Weekend

    The Whole Being Weekend, began as a small menís encounter group in the 70ís. It evolved for almost 30 years under the leadership of Jim Nessheim of San Diego into a So. California community of more than 500 holistic minded beings who met twice a year in Julian, CA. Under the current leadership of Robert DeSaulniers, it is held annually in Sept, in Idyllwild. New friends are invited to join our annual celebration as we sing, drum, dance, give and take workshops in health, nutrition, massage, personal-psycho-spirtual growth and relationships.

     Peggy has opened the weekend with Friday night dance for 20 years. The music and movement exercises assist in shedding the city, free the spirit and catalyze interpersonal and group bonding. Varied activities offer a range of interactions from gentle to wild for the 300+ dancers and non-dancers gathered.

"A significant part of the Whole Being Weekend is just seeing you. Youíre like WBW Royalty to me. Itís good to see you healthy and happy - makes a large part of the universe whole or complete. . . Itís so clear that you are a born elder - one intended to lead the community deeper into the spiritual community experience. You never need to question that inner tendency. It is strong and pure and good. Your love for the community and gentle guidance is truly one of the most beautiful manifestations of spirit I have witnessed."
-Barry Hyman, Dance Master, menís gatherings

"Peggy, your gifts on the weekend are deeply valued - you had to do a lot of ďflexingĒ this time and you did it beautifully!. Your enthusiasm and skill really make the weekend for me. We had a big crowd Friday night (450!) - that would be the biggest Friday night ever. Mostly I want you to know how much your stuff is valued by me and all of us. The energy and inter-action carries through and you do it for/with us. Love All ways, Jim"
-Jim Nessheim, SDSU International Dept., YMCA, Whole Being Weekend Founder

"Peggy, your insight, Your commitment, Your love. Cannot be done without."

-Robert DeSaulniers, Whole Being Weekend Director

You bring the kid out of us all!
You take the uninitiated
And show us how to play

We laugh in anticipation
Of what you bring to us

You sparkle on the stage
With long hair flowing
A smile so wide
It covers the hall

We are kids again
From dance steps unknown
To hugs and laughter
With strangers, then friends
Because of your lead
You SO enrich our lives

-Alicia Sacks, WBW participant